Monday, 14 February 2011

At present I have two armies suitable for gaming the Indian Wars. Both are based on the lists currently available through Phil Barker’s website. I don't think they are the most accurate, but they are good base to start from. The first, naturally, is an East India Company army of about 1770 - 1800. The second is nominally a Maratha force, but could be used to represent other powers too. I hope to add Mughals, Mysoreans and Sikhs in future, together with more EIC units to represent changing uniforms, as well as French colonial units.

Currently the figures in the armies I have are all Irregular Miniatures, and are painted up for the 1780’s and 1790’s. In general, Baccus figures are prettier than Irregular, but at present Irregular do a fairly comprehensive “Wars in India” range in 6mm, and cover most subjects, whereas Baccus do not currently do figures for 18th/19th century India, although some of the figures from their current ranges might be useful. I think the only thing missing from the Irregular range are 1840’s British infantry, particularly those with the ‘Havelock’ caps. Most other troops can be taken from other ranges.